Happy Locals’ Summer!

By PATTY KELLY | Sep 28, 2016
Photo by: Patty Kelly Fido gets to go back on the beach post-season.

I was having dinner out with my hubby one night after Labor Day when I overheard a conversation from another table. One person was saying, “I’m glad our summer has finally arrived.” That comment confused me. It was after Labor Day – wasn’t summer unofficially over already? I heard someone else say, “Yes, and thank God the locals’ summer has finally arrived.” Huh?

That prompted me to look into what exactly a “locals’ summer” was and why I wasn’t in the know. I Googled it. Lo and behold, there were multiple news feeds and websites on the subject that identified summer fun yet to be had after the official season.

There are some real perks to this time of year. In summary, beach badges can be thrown to the wayside, beaches are less crowded since school is back in session, favorite/popular restaurants are less crowded so you can get a table without having to wait over an hour, the weather is still conducive to having a beautiful beach day (hopefully minus the flies) and let’s not forget that our furry friends can finally put their paws back into the warm sand and begin enjoying the beach again when the ban is lifted for dogs on the beach.

Also, after Chowderfest next Sunday, Oct. 2, the traffic lights will be changed over to blinking and the speed limits will be slightly raised to allow for a swifter flow of traffic on the Island.

Bear in mind that lifeguard coverage is extremely limited, but that poses no worries for me as I believe I should remain on land.

Maybe I am not considered “local” enough, but I have and am more than willing to join in the fun at my favorite hot spots. I appreciate the lack of traffic on the Island to get to my favorite destinations along with sitting on the beach without the crowds. There also are tons of “End of the Summer” sales (yeah!) to enjoy.

Local merchants are now allowed the luxury to enjoy the summer days they’ve missed while they were focused on closely managing their businesses. We tend to forget that the proprietors are working hard to support our summertime habits while awaiting the moment they can actually go home to massage their aching feet. Many times that does not come until the “locals’ summer” has arrived, or even after. This is not to say they are all closing up shop just yet and taking off to their winter destinations, many of whom travel south for a real taste of warmth and relaxation.

So long story short, “Happy Locals’ Summer” to all the proprietors and their hard-working employees. Enjoy your delayed “summertime” and thanks for allowing us to impede in your life until you finally close for the winter solstice.

Patty Kelly lives in Blue Bell, Pa., and Beach Haven Park.



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