Hard to Believe

Jan 26, 2017

To the Editor:

Our governor picked what he was sure was the finest legal company anywhere to defend him in the Bridgegate matter. This group of lawyers would not leave a stone unturned. Their search has lasted several years and is approaching $11 million – all in the name of truth and justice and the American way.

Being a person whose idol is Forrest Gump, I have looked at just the facts, as I see them.

If I lived in North Jersey, there are several TV channels that give a morning, noon and evening traffic report. But I don’t watch TV. I have a State Police helicopter at my beck and call – heck, an entire department, plus state workers. Probably 100 people see me any given day, and no one said a thing about a major traffic jam (excuse me, study) by some bridge. Hmm.

Al Irvine



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