Harvey Cedars Beachfill Now Projected to Finish in Early September

Surf City, Despite Equipment Issue, Still on Track for Completion By Late July
Jul 04, 2018
Photo by: Margot Miller

Equipment repairs and a contract option for more sand have shifted the estimated completion for beach replenishment in Harvey Cedars to the start of September. Work began in the borough in late May, and was originally expected to finish around the end of July.

The cutterhead dredge “R.S. Weeks has been down for some time, which pushed the previous completion date … likely into early September,” said Steve Rochette, public affairs officer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer, the project’s federal sponsor. The dredge is expected to resume operations following subline repairs, for which favorable sea conditions are required.

“This is the long subline that runs on the ocean floor from the borrow area to the shore,” Rochette explained. Currently, contractor Weeks Marine Inc. “is working to clear a number of clogs and replace damaged sections of the subline.”

For the Harvey Cedars project, Weeks is first proceeding south, and will then flip and pump north to the border of Loveladies. On Monday, July 2, beach access was closed at 68th Street and Essex Avenue.

Restoration is also ongoing in Surf City, where the hopper dredge Magdalen began operations in mid-June. The pipe landing was made at 11th Street, and beachfill is first moving north before it flips and heads south toward the border of Ship Bottom.

Magdalen is not working at full capacity at the moment, Rochette noted, as Weeks “is experiencing post-dry-dock mechanical difficulties with newly installed equipment, and this is slowing overall production. The equipment is being calibrated/fine-tuned for dredging and offloading optimization.”

Despite this equipment issue, work in Surf City is still anticipated to end in late July.

On Monday, temporary dune crossover accesses with beach closures were at 14th and 15th streets in Surf City. As the USACE explains on the project website, nap.usace.army.mil/lbi, “These dune crossovers are temporary access points only. The section of beach identified seaward of the crossover is closed for construction.”

Weeks wrapped up another restoration project in Brant Beach, from about 31st to 57th Street, at the end of May.

“Ideally, construction takes place outside of the summer season, but there is a limited number of dredges capable of completing this type of project,” the Army Corps notes on its website. “Additionally, weather, mechanical issues and progress on other projects has significantly impacted the schedule for work on Long Beach Island.”

Check nap.usace.army.mil/lbi for project updates.  —J.K.-H.

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