Harvey Cedars Residents Favor Buying Wetlands Tract

Mar 01, 2017
Photo by: Ryan Morrill

After getting much positive feedback at a special hearing last week, the Harvey Cedars Borough Commission will apply for $64,000 in Green Acres funding. The money would be used to purchase an unbuildable wetlands area at the end of James Street if the current owner is willing to sell it.

“We had 20 people speak, and they were all in favor of us buying it,” said Borough Clerk Daina Dale. “Many of the people talked about how they used the area but now can’t because it is blocked off.”

The 3.7-acre area includes a small, sandy beach, suitable for launching kayaks, kiteboarding or wading in the water. But just before last summer, George DiDonato, who had purchased the property, put up barricades and “no trespassing signs,” much to the surprise of local residents who had often used the spot for recreational activities.

Dale said DiDonato purchased the property through a tax sale by the lien holder, TLR-V LLC of New York City. She said the purchase price was $37,000.

She said once Harvey Cedars purchases it, the public would be able to access it again for recreational activities. But it wouldn’t be ready by this summer.

“The whole process will probably take 18 months,” Dale said. “Of course, it will all depend on whether the owner would want to sell it. If so, then we will have to negotiate a purchase price, so a lot of work has to be done. We took the first step in getting public feedback.” E.E.

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