Health Care Foe

Jul 11, 2018

To the Editor:

I read a description about an injury on a mass transit train in which the victim, a woman passenger, caught her leg between the train and the platform. She asked that no one call an ambulance because she couldn’t afford it. Her leg was degloved and she was seriously injured.

Of the so many instances where we find ourselves losing what America was, what we did and what we afforded our citizens, what we did for the common good as a society, stop and think about your possible vote for Rep. MacArthur.

He is an engineer of the current health business that America operates under. As in Turkey, the only other country in the world that operates health care as we do, bar none, we are a health business health service provider. We facilitate health service for profit, period. Every other country views and affords health care as a public good, a public resource. Health care in the rest of the world is health care.

In America, for MacArthur, the health business executive who’s reaped millions for himself, and the other select health service executives and purveyors, health care is health business, not health care.

Think about the business you have to go through to acquire health service – only in America. MacArthur is definitely part of the “make America great again” movement, the swamp and mire of the businesses that fleece us, that flout the public good.

Think about that for MacArthur, and don’t forget his interest in supporting gun rights.

Charles Roth


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