Heartbreaking Photos

Jun 20, 2018

To the Editor:

The photos of the children who are incarcerated at our borders are heartbreaking. Whatever side you are on with the immigration issue, surely putting children in cages cannot be a part of a strategic immigration plan.

These people are seeking asylum, which is very different from crossing over illegally. Our laws permit people to come to this country in this way. When they enter, a court of law meets and a decision is rendered regarding whether they can enter the country.

Nowhere does it state that children should be separated from their parents. This is new under this administration. Reasons like domestic violence and gang violence are taken off the table and not considered reasons to gain sanctuary. Really? Many immigrants have come from all over the world over the course of our history claiming persecution in their native countries. I believe it started with the Pilgrims.

If this is a scare tactic to prevent these people from coming by taking their children from them, then shame on us. If it is a prejudicial act, then it’s cowardice. And if it’s just plain mean-spirited, then we are bullies and no longer patriots. We are better Americans.

Barbara Truncellito

Barnegat Light


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