Highs and Lows of Summer Weather Affect Beach Badge Sales

Oct 11, 2017
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Officials in most Island communities reported a decrease in beach badge dollar totals in a summer that saw one partially rainy weekend day every weekend for the last six weeks of the season.

In Surf City, daily and weekly beach badge sales were considerably fewer than last year, but Councilman Pete Hartney said revenue generated from the overall beach badge sales covered about 98 percent of the cost of running borough beaches. That figure, he said, could dip to about 96.5 percent after additional beach costs are recorded.

The biggest revenue generated, Hartney said, was in the sale of preseason badges. Whether that has anything to do with the borough’s decision to increase preseason and seasonal badges by $5 remains to be seen. Those badges now cost $30 and $40 respectively. Weekly badges, which were increased to $18 in 2016, now cost $20. Daily badges remain $7.

While daily badges did decline this summer, the sale of daily badges still generated the second largest revenue in sales for the town. It might have something to do with the borough council’s decision to allow surfing outside the swimming flags in the middle of summer on a trial basis.

What’s fairly certain across the 18-mile Island is that rainy days don’t make good beach days. “It wasn’t beach weather in August,” Hartney said, explaining some of the decrease in beach badge sales.

Sherry Mason, Beach Haven borough clerk and acting manager, agreed, noting there were “19 rainy or cloudy days” this summer.

Also accounting for the reduced number of day badges sold in Beach Haven, she said, was the reinstated “Free Fun Wednesdays,” when beachgoers had free access to the beach as well as other activities in the borough.

Beach Haven beach badge revenues totaled $451,455, compared to $483,180 in 2016. Seasonal badges sold this summer totaled 10,701, compared to 10,483 last summer. The borough recorded 2,447 weekly badges sold this year, while last year’s total was 2,957. Daily badges sold this year totaled 13,753, a drop of nearly 5,000 from last year’s amount of 18,762.

Final figures for Barnegat Light show 476 fewer beach badge buyers this summer. That represented $10,110 less in revenue compared to the summer of 2016. Sales of preseason badges were down by 237 beach tags, and weekly badge sales dropped by 134 badges. The two main categories where sales rose were senior preseason badges (87 more sold) and seasonal, with 50 more sold. Total beach badge revenue in 2017 was $239,991, compared to $250,101 the previous year.

Long Beach Township saw a similar decrease in its beach badge sales, reporting 3,638 fewer daily badges sold this year than in 2016 for a $25,466 revenue loss. Weekly badges, according to final figures, dropped by 783 for a loss of $15,660 while seasonal badges declined by 281 for an $11,240 loss of revenue.

Still, the township did see a bump in senior and seasonal office sales, as well as preseason badges. Senior badge revenue jumped by $3,375 while the seasonal office sales figures increased by $133,280, or 3,332 badges. Preseason badges increased by 1,347 for a $40,410 uptick in revenue.

The overall beach badge sales for the township, according to the final figures, show a decrease of $8,581 over 2016.

In Harvey Cedars, total beach badge revenue increased slightly by more than $2,000 in 2017. The total amount raised was $243,647, compared to $241,610 in 2016.

The number of seasonal badges sold this year was 6,418, compared to 5,868 last year. Those badges raised $197,800 in revenue, compared to $198,020 in 2016. The borough sold 734 weekly badges, compared to last year’s total of 687. Revenue totals were $14,680 this year and $13,740 last year.

This year, 6,400 daily badges were sold, raking in $24,750, compared to last year’s total of 4,125, which borough in $23,982. In 2017, the borough sold 713 senior badges, compared to 652 in 2016, Respective revenue totals were $6,417 and $5,868.

Ship Bottom reported revenue was down in most beach badge sales categories this past summer, for a total of $12,137 less than what was in raised in 2016. Daily sales were down significantly and weekly badge sales declined slightly. Seasonal and senior beach badge sales improved somewhat over last year.

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