Hold Heads High

Oct 04, 2017

To the Editor:

Reflections on the Long Beach Island school bond referendum process: As I’ve said previously, every vote and every voice matters in elections like these.

It should be noted that the failure of the referendum to pass does not represent a lack of support for our schools, teachers, staff and students by dissenting voters, but rather dissatisfaction with the specific questions presented. Not one person should confuse the two.

We have great schools. Our students are well cared for by amazing staff and receive a fantastic education, which will continue today, tomorrow and far into the future.

Despite the outcome, our entire community should hold our heads high and reconvene as one. Why?

We have a great product. We have great families. We have great kids. We have families that won’t stop supporting the schools in the million little ways we all do. We have folks who won’t stop asking the tough questions – not because they want to be difficult, but because they want us, as a community, to think bigger and be better.

Much bigger. Much better.

Get involved. Attend meetings. Join a committee. Run for a board seat. Ask questions and provide valuable feedback. Fuel the momentum.

Rick McDonough

Ship Bottom

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