Holgate Home Burns; Woman and Dog Rescued

GoFundMe Page Set Up for the Renter
Feb 02, 2019
Photo by: Ryan Morrill

The tenant of a home in Holgate escaped unharmed, along with her dog, as a fire ripped through the residence Thursday, Jan. 31. Jacqueline Niederle and pup Maylee, though, did lose all possessions in the fire, in addition to their wintertime place of residence.

According to the Holgate Update page on Facebook, Niederle is currently staying with a friend on Long Beach Island. The owner of the house next door, Keith Kirsch, has set up a GoFundMe page to help her, at gofundme.com/jacqueline-niederle.

“On January 31, a long time local renter Jacqueline Niederle lost all her possessions as the home she was renting on LBI burnt down,” Kirsch explains on the GoFundMe site. “Jackie and her beloved dog Maylee, which she adopted, were rescued from the horrific fire. At this point she is in need of everything: clothing, money to help with medicine for her medical conditions, food for her and her dog and most importantly donations that would help put her up in a new rental.”

A note from Niederle to donors reads, “The kindness of people is heartwarming and overwhelming. ... Until yesterday I had only read of others receiving help but I’m not able to express how I am feeling other than blessed by the people who are helping me and Maylee. Thank you all. Peace love and happiness always.”

Lauren Moritz, at 609-969-1043, is listed as the contact for any donations other than monetary contributions.

Moritz added, “Any food is welcome, or grocery or CVS gift cards.” She could also use specific items such as a sleeping eye mask, ear plugs, bathroom and kitchen trash cans, a dish dry rack or mat, books, folders, notebooks, batteries, pens and pencils. An old CD player, with CDs, or a radio would also be helpful.

Kirsch also posted on Facebook, “Thanks to all the first responders, fireman, policemen, local area contractors and others who helped get the fire under control and get the lady and her pets out of that house in the freezing temperatures. They definitely helped get the fire out ASAP and saved my home in the process, which is damaged but mostly superficially.”

Comments on a photo of the fire posted on The SandPaper Instagram indicated that construction workers at a nearby job site were first on the scene and used a ladder to assist Niederle and her dog out of the house.

The SandPaper is waiting for a response from the Long Beach Township Police Department regarding the cause of the fire and additional information.

Tax records list Steven and Linda Burkhardt as the owners of the residence, at 5213 Long Beach Blvd. Kirsch said he doesn’t know the homeowners as he is only down in the summer, and the home is usually rented. He added, “I met Jackie only yesterday as she was sifting through the rubble with a plastic beach shovel to try to find any belongings. Very sad.”

— Juliet Kaszas-Hoch


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