Hospital at Risk

Jun 21, 2017

To the Editor:

I have had the pleasure of practicing medicine in Southern Ocean County for the past 22 years. During that time, I have seen Southern Ocean Medical Center grow with the surrounding community.

It truly began as a local hospital started by a dedicated group of citizens who recognized the need to have a medical center in our community. Though it has grown far beyond that initial vision and merged with a larger hospital system, it is still our community hospital that began with bake sales and car washes. It is staffed by physicians, nurses and technicians who are your neighbors and friends.

As other hospital systems come into our area, it puts our local hospital at risk. In medicine, the more procedures and services that a hospital performs, the better they become at performing them. Diluting the patient volume between our local hospital and distant competing hospitals does nothing more than hurt our citizens and community. 

Competitors look to gain market share and draw patients away from our community to use their own outpatient and inpatient services. Competition is a reality in this day and age, but when that competition weakens our hometown hospital, it performs a disservice to our community and those who had the vision and drive to start Southern Ocean County Hospital years ago.

Southern Ocean Medical Center is our hospital. Please support our local physicians, nurses and hospital staff who have cared for our community for the past 45 years. A strong local hospital is the base for a strong community.

John Kulin, CEO

Urgent Care Now


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