Idle Talk

Feb 28, 2018

To the Editor:

Congressman Tom MacArthur (R-3rd) responded to yet another mass school shooting by advocating for improved background checks, putting police officers in every school, hospital and house of worship in the U.S., and “addressing” mental health concerns.

Oh, yes, he also called for congressional hearings. Not on whether assault rifles and other semi-automatic weapons should be limited or banned, not on improving background checks, not on outlawing bump stocks and cranks, not on child lock requirements – he wants to address the “moral and spiritual decay in our society.” He blames Hollywood, the media and video games for gun violence, and wants hearings.

We went through this over the last 60-plus years with congressmen variously blaming comic books, rock ’n’ roll, rap music, and on and on for society’s ills.

He’s also advocating for mental health initiatives, just as he did in 2014 when he was first running for office. Will his talk turn into action? Judging by his vote late last year to eliminate some Obama-era safeguards that kept guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, his talk won’t go anywhere.

And, more importantly, he’s still pushing for concealed carry reciprocity, which would endanger New Jersey residents by subjecting us to the lowest states’ limits on concealed carry. Every police agency in the state is against CCR, but it’s MacArthur’s pet project.

It’s time he stop working for the gun lobby and start working to protect his constituents.

Kevin Kennedy

Waretown, N.J.



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