If the Shoe Fits ...

Sep 21, 2016

To the Editor:

Let’s dig a little deeper into Hillary Clinton’s assertion that half of Donald Trump’s supporters are what she calls “deplorables.” By her own admission, it was “grossly generalistic.” My problem is that I’m not sure if it really is 50 percent. I believe it is a significant portion of his supporters, but probably something less that 50 percent. But, without them, he doesn’t stand a chance in November.

But if you are a racist, for whom are you voting in November? If you are a sexist, for whom are you voting? If you are homophobic, for whom are you voting? If you are a believer in white supremacy, for whom are voting? If you are Islamophobic, for whom are you voting? If you believe that President Obama was born in Kenya, for whom are you voting? If you believe in waterboarding (and worse), for whom are you voting?

If you are any of the above, or “all of the above,” I think your vote is pretty much locked in for November. One can only hope that you are in the minority.  Remember, I said not all Trump supporters are “deplorable,” but are you in that group? If the shoe fits, don’t be ashamed to wear it.

Mike Kistner

Ship Bottom



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