Illegal Wake

Sep 13, 2017

To the Editor:

I am sure many folks have enjoyed a day on the water, cruising the many tidal creeks in our area. However, last week’s cover photograph is a great shot of a boater’s illegal practices.

Making a wake on a creek or waterway that is less than 200 feet wide is prohibited. This has been mentioned many times at Tuckerton Borough Council meetings concerning no-wake zones. This is also one of the questions for the boaters safety exam required to operate a motorized vessel in New Jersey.

New Jersey regulations require that all vessels must be slowed to “slow speed/no wake” when passing: a marina, pier, dock, wharf or abutment at a distance of 200 feet or less; work barges, platforms or floats while actually engaged in work-related activity; through bridge openings of 400 feet or less; through lagoons, canals and confined areas of less than 200 feet in width; vessels not under command; emergency vessels displaying sequential flashing or rotating blue lights; or vessels engaged in activities recognized by the Coast Guard displaying rotating or sequential flashing red and yellow lights.

John Schwartz, councilman




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