Important Primary

May 30, 2018

To the Editor:

Many Stafford residents are unaware of the importance of Tuesday’s Republican primary election.

With the Democratic Party not fielding a slate, the winners of next week’s election most likely will comprise the township’s governing body for the next three years. While there are reports of an independent slate surfacing, Stafford’s voting history strongly indicates Tuesday’s winners will be the ultimate victors. Sadly, that means that unless the independent ticket materializes, people who are registered Democrats will not have a voice in this election.

In essence, Tuesday’s election is the township’s general election.

Fortunately for those who are registered Republicans and unaffiliated voters, they do have a choice.

We have made ours – the Stafford Conservatives: Greg Myhre for mayor, and Paul Krier, Tom Steadman, Dr. Tony Guariglia, Mike Pfancook, George Williams, and Bob Henken-Siefken for township council. 

These candidates are impressive for their intelligence, work ethic and dedication to the quality of life in Stafford Township.

Perhaps their strongest asset is their determination to provide a government that is honest and transparent, one that treats all residents with respect.

I hope all Stafford residents eligible to vote in Republican Party primary will exercise their privilege to choose the best candidates to represent the party, but most of all, their best interests.

That’s why we’re voting Column A, all the way.

Joseph and Frances Kosa








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