Inaccessible Clinton

Oct 05, 2016

To the Editor:

The letter referring to the writer’s meeting with Hillary Clinton (“Memorable Meetings,” 9/21) reminded me of an instance when Ms. Clinton was the New York state senator. At the time I was a New York state resident.

I was a member of a national professional organization that sponsored a “Hill Day.” The point of the day was to visit our senators and state representatives in their offices and educate them on our organization’s work and goals. When visiting Ms. Clinton, those from New York were ushered to a noisy basement room and a very young and nervous staff person tried to excuse Ms. Clinton’s not wanting to meet with her constituents. We were told that only a select few would speak with Ms. Clinton. Later that day we went to her office, but the door was closed.

Being New Yorkers, we then visited Sen. Schumer’s office. The senator came out and spent time with us, listened to our needs as professionals and thanked us for coming. He was friendly and gracious.

When Ms. Clinton was running for state senator, I attended functions in her support. But once in office, it appeared Ms. Clinton forgot about those voters who put her there.

Bernadette Callanan

Beach Haven Gardens




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