Indie Film Screening and The Badlees Perform at Tuckers With Surprising Local Star

‘All in Time’ Shows in Beach Haven Featuring Pete Palladino
By JON COEN | Oct 05, 2016
Photo by: All in Time Pete Palladino, manager of Tuckers, daddy O and Plantation, acting in the comedic drama ‘All in Time,’ which screens on Oct. 14 at Tuckers Tavern in Beach Haven.

The Hollywood Reporter called the 2015 independent comedic drama “All in Time” “a winning balance between high concept and downhome sensibility.” It received Best Film Award at the Houston Film Festival, Best Director at the Long Beach (Calif.) International Film Fest, Audience Award at the Soho International Film Festival and Grand Jury Prize at the New Jersey Film Festival.

Written, directed and produced by Chris Fetchko, it screens at Tuckers Tavern in Beach Haven on Oct. 14 with a performance by the Badlees, a Central Pennsylvania rock band that got national acclaim in the 1990s.

Normally, an indie film and an original band with such relevance coming to LBI is certainly a nice way to spend an evening, and would seem another feather in the cap of the Lighthouse International Film Festival, which, in addition to its annual June fest, brings needed film and culture to our little sandbar year ’round. And it certainly is both of those things. But what might not be obvious is that Tucker’s Manager Pete Palladino not only starred in the film, but is also the frontman of the Badlees. The Badlees perform 12 songs on the soundtrack and essentially star as the hometown rockers whom the film’s protagonist, Charlie, leaves his NYC job to manage.

This premiere and performance have a little more significance locally, as most folks who come through for craft beers and blistered Shishito Peppers have no idea that Palladino is such an accomplished actor and musician. In the film, he plays Tracey, the band’s frontman.

“I acted all throughout high school and graduated from Susquehanna University with a degree in Communications/Theater arts,” said Palladino, who also manages daddy O in Brant Beach and Plantation in Harvey Cedars for the Fearless Restaurant Group. “I was also always playing music. They kind of go hand in hand. Inhabiting a character in song or stage is all the same headspace. My music career just took off quicker than anything else. That being said, I consider myself a musician way before I consider myself an actor.”

The Badlees formed in 1990 and, after several albums on independent labels, saw national success with River Songs in 1995 and a brief stint on a major label. Palladino, who came to LBI often while growing up, later took a job managing an eatery in Philly with Fearless. Ten years ago, he moved to LBI to manage Plantation. He, his wife, Michelle, and their daughter, Bodhi live in Manahawkin. The Badlees have stayed active, recording and touring around their schedules.

“The great part of LBI for me is the seasonality of the business flow. We all work like crazy for the summer ,and then we get to live our lives in all sorts of ways. The band has been consistently playing shows and recording every spring, winter and fall. We never really stopped. It’s a bit crazy sometimes to be neck deep in the restaurant business one day and then the next hop on a plane to San Francisco to go play a show,” he admitted. “It’s all just entertainment in a different sort of way. My true calling is what I get to do in the confines of The Badlees – writing songs, making records and performing live is incredibly fulfilling.”

The film was shot over the course of several years in Lancaster and Wilkes Barre, Pa., so Palladino was able to break away and film at different times.

“Chris (Fetchko) moves pretty quick, so I think the whole thing was shot in 28 days total,” said Palladino.

All in Time” is the story of giving up stability to follow a dream and the emotional and romantic roller coaster that accompanies such ambitions. It made its world premiere to a sold-out crowd at the Newport Beach Film Festival and during its festival run won a total of 12 awards, including three for Best Feature, three for Audience Award, two Best Director, Best of Festival, Indie Spirit Award and Grand Jury Prize. The evening at Tuckers will also include a Q&A with Fetchko.

“Making a film is such an incremental process that it’s hard to have any sort of perspective while you are in the middle of it,” explained Palladino. “I remember seeing rough edits with no soundtrack and thinking that it was just OK. It wasn’t until I saw it in a theater at the SOHO Film Fest that I was able to watch it as just a viewer, and that was exciting. So much of the storytelling happens in the editing, and I know Chris went through a couple of editors before he felt it was right. I just didn’t want to junk up his film with any clumsy acting on my part.”

Palladino went so far as to make Fetchko promise to fire him if he stank.

He did not.

“The music performance part was easy,” Palladino added. “I was a bit self-conscious about my acting, but we have some really great actors in the film that were a joy to work with.”

Not many of Palladino’s local friends are aware of his creative side, and very few have ever seen the Badlees. So this event is something he’s really looking forward to.

“We toured the world, but that was before I moved down to LBI, so it will be great to share that part of who I am with them. I’m proud to be involved in this whole project. Creating something out of nothing is what we are all trying to do. Being able to share that with people is pretty awesome!”

Paladino added, “Plus my daughter gets to see Dad on the big screen. That’s gotta count for some cool points with her at least!”

Palladino plays Tracey, lead singer of The Damsels, in the comedic drama "All in Time." (Photo by: All in Time)
Pallidino and the Badlees didn't just star in the film, but wrote 12 songs for the soundtrack. (Photo by: All in Time)
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