Inspiring Commentary

May 10, 2017

To the Editor:

I would like to personally compliment John M. Imperiale on his inspiring commentary (“Focus on the Positive: Inspiration Is All Around Us,” 5/3). I agree with him totally that “the (negative, divisive) tone of our society” has worsened since this past election of President Trump.

As his commentary reflected on the crude behavior of many in our society, I have to say that it’s a source of frustration to me as well. As I considered his point about sexist, racist, hate and fear mongers, I’m reminded that it’s extremely hard to change attitudes of “closed-minded” people.

If we can’t do much to change attitudes and behavior of such people, we should ignore them, as he says, and focus on what’s good and positive in our society. Maybe it’s a bit of a silent majority attitude, but I’m much less frustrated by focusing on the positive than banging my head against the wall with people who have closed minds. 

I’m a resident in Holgate since 2011, and I want him to know that I, too, pick up plastic bottles and other trash when I walk the beach. He’s not alone. Thanks again for the inspiring commentary.

Jim Eller


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