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Sep 07, 2016

To the Editor:

I hope Long Beach Township Mayor Mancini can explain to me the reasons behind the choice to not install any type of fencing, dune or otherwise, along the entryways to the beaches in the township.

I have an oceanfront home in Haven Beach. I have witnessed the dune replenishment last summer and the current beach replenishment this summer. I remember the many years the township spent getting signatures from its oceanfront homeowners to make this happen. I can see the dune grass taking hold. But there are other things I see that will inevitably ruin all of this work, and all because the township will not install fencing.

I see people, mostly children and teenagers, walk from street to street across the top of the dunes. I also see them run diagonally from the top of one entrance down to the opening of another. The latter happened more often during this current replenishment due to the fact there was some limited access to the beach. Rather than walk down the angled entryway, especially if you wanted to be farther north ultimately, why not just run down the dunes?

Beach Haven has managed to put up fencing. Perhaps that town better understands the importance of maintaining these dunes. I did make a call to the Public Works Department earlier this summer to inquire as to why there was no fencing. I was told residents complained because the dune fence was higher than the dune, the height they had agreed to. Seriously? There was no agreement regarding the height of fencing. And because some residents complain we are going to put the rest of our dunes in jeopardy? Is the federal government aware of this decision?

I was also told there would be more signage installed, especially closer to the top of each entryway by the benches. As of just before Labor Day I still hadn’t seen any signs.

What a shame if all this work, money and inconvenience goes to waste over a simple solution to prevent damaging the dunes!

Gina Boonshoft

New York City and Haven Beach


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