Install Tide Gates

Aug 22, 2018

The following was addressed to SandPaper Managing Editor and columnist Jay Mann.

Hello Jay Mann:

You had a very interesting and well-written column on flooding on LBI (“A Sinking Feeling: Nuisance Flooding Becoming Complex,” 8/8).

I am a Beach Haven resident and professional engineer, civil, and professional planner in New Jersey for over 40 years. Please consider the fact that the tidal fluctuations never breach the bulkheads and berms on the bay side. The problem is that the high tide elevations often exceed the drainage system elevations and water is backing up into the system and out of the street stormwater inlets and manholes, flooding the streets.

Tide gates on the outfalls into the bay will solve this problem – cheap and easy (easy permitting). Storm events would require pump stations and more complex engineering and more costly construction.

The state, county and towns should immediately install the tide gates to stop the tidal flooding that often creates hazardous conditions for drivers and pedestrians in commercial areas, especially Bay Village. I believe Frank Little has plans ready for Beach Haven, but the town is waiting for money.

It’s time to at least address the tidal flooding and do the pumps and new piping later. Study is great for the big fix, but the tidal street flooding can be stopped now.

Neal C. Toglia

Beach Haven

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