Irresponsible Behavior

May 30, 2018

To the Editor:

The recent defacement of the Mayor John Spodofora’s campaign sign on state Route 72 shocked us all, and we quickly addressed the vandalism when it was brought to our attention last Tuesday morning on the Stafford Conservatives Facebook page:

“The Stafford Conservatives do not condone the tampering of free speech and that includes tampering with political signs. The First Amendment applies to everyone, even people we don’t agree with.

“But what is not covered under the 1A is libel, and there appears to be a healthy dose of defamation already circulating in social media against our team by those who are supporters of our opponents accusing us of vandalism. That is equally as wrong.

“But who is really slighted when mischief and slander occur during election time are the residents of Stafford who are about to make a very important decision for the future of our town at the June 5 primary. This irresponsible behavior is not helpful and only serves as a diversion from the issues which should be the only importance in any election.”

Greg Myhre


The writer is running for Stafford Township Council on the Stafford Conservatives ticket.

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