Is This Fair?

Jun 28, 2017

To the Editor:

This letter responds to “School Funding Tricks,” 6/21. The author is very confused when he states, “The cost per pupil is the cost per pupil, period.” The cost for a student from Stafford Township is not even close to the cost for a student from Long Beach Island. The cost per student from Stafford is about $4,100 while the cost per student from Long Beach Island ranges from $51,000 to $254,000. Is this fair?

The average cost per high school student in New Jersey is approximately $20,000, about five times higher than the $4,100 cost per student Stafford Township pays. Is this fair? The writer of the letter is from Ship Bottom, where taxpayers pay about $51,000 per student, 12.5 times higher than Stafford Township pays. Is this fair to Ship Bottom taxpayers? Of course not!

I will keep this letter short so no one will be confused, as the SRSD school funding issue is very simple. Is it fair that Long Beach Island taxpayers pay 12.5 to 61 times higher than Stafford Township pays for their students to go to the same high school (Southern) with the same teachers?

Bill Hutson, president

LBI Joint Council of Taxpayer Associations

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Posted by: Jean D Ragone | Jun 29, 2017 08:23

In the 6/21 letter the author is looking at the cost per student not the cost per sending student which is significantly different. With the cost per student you simply divide total costs to all tax payors by the total number of students regardless of where the student lives. The sending cost per student is calculated using the cost to tax payors (school portion of tax bill calculation) of a specific town and dividing that amount by the number of students attending the school who live in that specific town.

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