Issues for Activism

Oct 31, 2018

To the Editor:

I am one of the cofounders of the LEHT/Tuckerton Concerned Citizen’s Association, which in the past had stopped the unwanted trash transfer station at the gateway of our community where Shooters now stands. I guess you can call me an activist for the good of this community. 

The past few years I’ve battled cancer and debilitating injuries, but I can no longer sit back and see our community spiraling down as I read the papers and speak with members of our community.

One of the issues that irks me is that the taxpayers have the burden of a quarter of a million dollars a year for garbage disposal for private businesses for our community. The township committee would have you believe this was grandfathered in. It wasn’t. Ordinance 2004-289 states all business establishments shall be responsible for their garbage disposal. So, if an ordinance from 2004 states this, how is it grandfathered in and the problem of the property taxpayers?

Who does it benefit besides two committee members who had to recuse themselves from the vote due to their business or business ties? I will be starting a petition to end this travesty. I invite local residents to sign it to save taxpayer dollars.

Another concern is the property where Shooters is now located. I am not against an indoor shooting range on that property. What concerns me is the placement of an outdoor shooting range in a very environmentally sensitive area.

I remember attending the planning board meeting before Shooters opened when they assured the community and the planning board that they would not open an outdoor shooting range. I know this property very well and still have my research from when our group fought the trash transfer station. The outdoor range would fill the open aquifer on that property with lead and sulfur. That aquifer feeds into our drinking water along with the aquifer that supplies the whole Northeast corridor. The physical damage it would cause everyone would be devastating. It would make Flint, Mich., look like a hiccup.

Another serious fiasco is what is going on with the schools in our community and the burden on taxpayers, especially the senior citizens of our community. It is a nightmare what the students of our school district are facing on a daily basis, even those who have graduated who have been exposed to asbestos. I cannot imagine the chaos the students and parents are going through on a daily basis without having a high school they can even call their own.

I hope to once again attend each and every township meeting as I had in the past. I urge people of this community to reach out to me and our association with their community concerns. I have learned from the past that it is amazing what people can accomplish working together.

Debra Versheck

Little Egg Harbor









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