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Jersey Girls: ‘Authentic,’ Take It or Leave It

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By CORINNE RUFF | Sep 10, 2012
Source: Running Press Book Publishers

Defining the indefinable, Jersey Girls, the Fierce and the Fabulous (Running Press Book Publishers, 2011, $20) authors Marie Moss and Barri Leiner Grant set out to do just that: define a Jersey Girl. Through a gallant effort, with gusto befitting two Jersey Girls, the duo set out to describe the essence of a Jersey Girl from the outside in. From the vernacular, the look (hair, make-up and clothing), the pastimes and the passions, the authors get to the heart of the Jersey Girl.

Glossy pages filled with Shore memorabilia are outlined in eight major categories. My favorite is “Tawk.” A Jersey Girl Glossary brings the spunk and sass of the Jersey Girl attitude to life. As I read this chapter, I found it laugh-out-loud funny. So true were the words and their definitions: cawfee, mirra, pok-a-book, lip glawss… The tone of the book from cover to cover is as much fun as a sleepover in eighth-grade. It’s giggly and cool, minus the pillow flight. 

This book, underneath all the shininess, builds a picture of what lies beneath the surface of a true Jersey Girl. She has guts and grit. Everyone knows, “You just don’t mess with a Jersey Girl.” Have the authors defined Jersey Girls? Yes. They’ve almost defined the indefinable. A Jersey Girl, by her very nature, will always have an air of mystery. A Jersey Girl has a twinkle in her eye as she smiles a sly smile, as if she knows the answer before the question is asked.

If you don’t like this book, it probably won’t matter to the two Jersey Girls who wrote it. As true Jersey Girls, they put it out there and are not concerned with approval. They don’t need to be liked; they are who they are – take it or leave it. The undeniable beauty of a Jersey Girl is her authenticity. Jersey Girls The Fierce and the Fabulous is authentic Jersey.

Corinne G. Ruff is a born and bred “Jersey Girl” of the Southern variety, from the Shore. No hairspray, fake bake or gold chains adorn her neck, yet she remains united with her Jersey sisters. What she loves best about girls from NJ: Jersey Girls “own it.”

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