Jimmy Brogan

May 16, 2013

HOME BASE: Tuckerton area

STYLE: Soulful, acoustic folk-y blues, with a dash of “jamband” flavor. Originals and covers add up to a diverse and inclusive repertoire that accommodates as many listeners as possible. “In general it seems if we can reach a level of pure joy, then that reflects into the crowd and comes back at us,” Brogan said. “It reciprocates.”

LINEUP: Jimmy Brogan, guitar and vocals; Karen Frederick, bass; Kyle Burke, percussion.

SOUND BYTE: Calling the local shore music scene “a sleeping giant,” Brogan and others often discuss the beauty of collaboration among musicians. “More often, we’re all getting out and supporting each other,” he said, noting a new “collective” that hasn’t always existed before. “United, we can do great things. We’re holding each other up, and if one of us makes it, we all make it. So, more than the songs and the music, I am focused on and excited about ‘the scene.’ I’m eager to help it blossom.”

TWO’S TAKE: Down-to-earth musicians with true homegrown talent – Brogan and Crew are part of a wide (and ever widening) network of local jammers, a hub of live performers concentrated in the mainland region of West Creek, Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton.

CHECK OUT: jimmybrogan.net

BE THE JUDGE: Saturday, May 18, at the Tuckerton Beach Grille.  —V.L.

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