Jonathan Seagull

Sep 14, 2016
Courtesy of: Nancy P. Weikel Jonathan takes a handout on the Surf City beach.

To the Editor:

A group of us who live on North First Street in Surf City gather on the beach in the summer each day to enjoy the weather, water, great conversations and always look for our special friend Jonathan. Jonathan is a handicapped seagull that has joined our group for the past three years. 

Jonathan has a broken wing that hangs down, but it doesn’t stop Jonathan from flying. Each year we all look forward to seeing Jonathan and, sure enough, he faithfully comes back to our area on the beach.

Barbie has been feeding Jonathan over the years and he now eats right out of her hand.  Usually other seagulls try to take the food, but Jonathan quickly squawks and chases them away. 

This year Jonathan introduced us to his girlfriend.  He makes sure that she is fed and will even take food to her when she does not join us. After Jonathan eats he always wobbles down to the water, with his wing hanging, for a drink of water and then returns to hang out with us.

We all feel very fortunate to have this very special handicapped friend and look forward to next summer to enjoy all the wonders of the beach.

Nancy P. Weikel

Surf City



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