Just Like Vietnam

Jun 28, 2017

To the Editor:

It is said that if you pay no attention to history you will repeat it.

I remember Vietnam real well. The French got us into it under the domino theory. Well, the people in Vietnam were tired of fighting. They really didn’t care who won; just wanted it to end. Iraq and Afghanistan are a repeat.

I realize Bush and his vice president opened up a real can of worms. The Sunnis and Shia have fought for the last thousand years, not long after the Muslim religion came to be.

In the ’60s it took 12 to 16 weeks to train a soldier. We have been in Iraq and Afghanistan almost 15 years, training. We have spent enough money to fix every road and bridge in this country. This is Vietnam all over. Now we’re sending more people over there to fight their war? Just like Vietnam.

If it is so important, where is the United Nations or how about the one billion, 200 hundred million Muslims? They should bear the brunt of lives lost and wealth spent, and Syria is the same thing. We are asking to get pulled into that, too. Russia and China created a proxy army by supplying North Korea and North Vietnam. Remember? Iran and North Korea would also like to see us bleed, go bankrupt and finally collapse.

It’s time everyone else who values the right to not be held hostage steps up. We have shouldered the burden in Europe with our bases and fleets since World War II. Want to bet England and its colonies are the only ones that would come to our aid?

We need to be real careful. We have a major national debt growing thanks to our picking up the lion’s share, solving other people’s problems that they won’t do for themselves.

That’s my 2 cents’ worth, and yeah, I have a Vietnam medal along with paperwork to back it up.

Al Irvine


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