Just Take One: Movement to Pick Up Trash Under Way

Jun 28, 2017
Courtesy of: Carrson Pearce Carrson Pearce (second from left), along with extended family members (from left) Jaclyn Hronich Eden Ricciardi and Madilyn, Hannah and Jackson Newsom, encourages everybody to Just Take One as a movement to pick up one piece of trash as often as possible gets under way.

When Carrson Pearce recently visited the Bahamas with his family, his dad, Dixon, made an observation and statement that set off Carrson’s brain.

“There was trash all over one of the beaches,” Carrson explained. “My dad looked at me and said, ‘Imagine if every person who visited this beach just took one piece of trash. This beach would be clean so quickly.’ So that night, I started a Facebook and Instagram page.”

That night, Just Take One was born, and the movement is a simple one – when you’re out and about and see some trash on the ground, stuck in a bush or stuck in the sand, just take one and dispose of it properly wherever you can.

“That’s all there is to it, but it can make such an impact,” Carrson said. “If 100 people picked up a piece of trash, every day for two years, that’s 73,000 pieces of trash picked up. Imagine if tens of thousands of people did that every day for years. It could make such a huge difference for all our communities.”

But there’s no pressure and no requirement to walk around with a garbage bag, Carrson said. Just take one.

“If you’re walking down the street and see a piece of trash, just pick it up and throw it out wherever you can find a garbage can,” he said. “If you want to pick up two or three, that’s great. But at minimum, just take one.”

Now, Carrson might be in Kings Point, N.Y., being the best U.S. Merchant Marine Academy plebe he can be right now, but he has plenty of help as this movement rolls out. His brother, Carrter, soon will be developing a website for Just Take One, and he and friend Megan Ploh will manage the social media spaces – on Facebook, search Just Take One, while you can justtakeone on Instagram, and on Twitter you can follow @Justtakeone16.

“It’s a serious movement, but we want people to have fun doing it, too,” Carrson said. “So if you’re out there and pick up a piece of trash, snap a picture with your phone and post it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and just tag Just Take One to help motivate others that day.”

Oh, and if you want to help promote the effort, Just Take One T-shirts are available for $10 each. Just reach out on any of the social media channels to find out how to get one. Bracelets may become available soon as well.

“The money will cover the cost of making the shirts and bracelets, once we get those going,” Carrson said. “And any excess funds will be donated to environmental charities and causes. We’re hoping this is going to get really big and make a huge impact to help our environment in some way.”

David Biggy


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