Keep Buses Running

Nov 01, 2017

To the Editor:

Long Beach Township voters: Vote yes. The Long Beach Island buses may be the best thing that has ever happened to LBI and are more successful than anyone imagined, with over 100,000 riders in 2017. Therefore, we need to change to a user-based bus rider fee for the future. This is not an additional tax on LBI homeowners.

The advantages of the LBI buses are as follows:

1. They lessen the heavy LBI summer traffic with thousands fewer cars on the LBI roads.

2. They free up hard-to-find legal LBI parking spaces.

3. They help seniors and others go shopping, to doctors and LBI activities.

4. They make LBI greener with less emissions and pollution.

5. LBI employers are able to hire employees who can get to work.

6. LBI employees are able to ride the buses to get to work.

7. They help keep drinking drivers off the LBI roads.

8. They help teens take part in more LBI activities.

9. When teens ride the bus, they eliminate the need for two to seven trips by parents’ cars per day.

10. They allow for safer LBI roads and streets, especially at night.

11. LBI homeowners and vacation guests take advantage of all of the above.

A yes vote on the “trolley question” by Long Beach Township voters (only) on Nov. 7 will keep the very valuable LBI bus service operating in 2018 and beyond. A no vote means the critical LBI bus service will no longer operate. A no vote will be disastrous, as the last LBI bus service stopped running over 20 years ago. A yes vote is critical to the well-being of beautiful Long Beach Island in the future.

Steve Onorato


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