Keep It Clean

Jun 21, 2017

To the Editor:

Those of us who live near Sunset Park in Harvey Cedars really enjoy walking, playing ball and listening to the concerts during the summer. There has been one problem plaguing this park for a few years now: a big rental house at the entrance on Salem Avenue.

The house is rented to large groups of people, between 10 and 20. Outside there is one garbage can holder with three cans and no lids. Every Saturday when renters check out, there is so much garbage overflow, the sea gulls sit on the wire, just waiting for the tenants to leave so they can have their picnic. The garbage winds up all over the street, and eventually all around the park. This happens every week all summer.

The neighbors and I have complained to the town about this, but nothing ever changes. I’ve even taken photos on my phone to show the mess. I am not going to live through this again this year. Someone has to tell them they need another can holder and at least three more cans, with lids attached. It’s the law! Also needed are a schedule of pickup for trash and recycling and clearly marked cans for recycling. This is easy to do, so someone make them do it.

I’m here to enjoy my summer, not pick up garbage strewn across the park every few days.
Please, Harvey Cedars, let’s keep Sunset Park beautiful.

S. Sandrosa

Harvey Cedars

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