Keep LBI School

Dec 20, 2017

To the Editor:

Since the Long Beach Island Board of Education is still up in the air over which of the district’s two schools to close, if any, I would like to shed some light in simple terms:

• Since the LBI Grade School’s capacity of 256 students is large enough to accommodate all the students in the district, no additional classrooms would be needed. When we no longer have the Choice program the enrollment would be less than 200 students. No matter how you spin it, the 42 Choice students are costing taxpayers money.

• The $2 million renovations after Superstorm Sandy included a new gym floor, and community activities have been ongoing for the last couple of years. A new gymnasium would not be needed.

• A bus garage already exists on the LBI School property.

There are serious issues to address at the E.J. School site. There is an easement issue to be settled. Water would have to be provided to Ship Bottom by Surf City since the addition would be in Ship Bottom territory. A storm drain running through the property would have to be moved at considerable cost. Both old and new buildings must comply with FEMA regulations.

No matter what has to be done to the LBI School building to make it safer for the future, the cost would not be $18 million.

And finally, consider putting solar on the roof. A lot of schools in New Jersey are going in that direction.

Nancy Henderson

Ship Bottom


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