Kindness of Strangers

Sep 05, 2018

To the Editor:

I visited good friends in Surf City last month. On Tuesday, Aug. 21, my friend and I went to one of your fine beaches for a swim. Being from Montana, I couldn’t return home without a dip in the ocean.

The sea was rough, but I plunged in anyway. Unfortunately, as I returned to shore, I became faint and actually passed out. Within seconds, the lifeguard was at my side and had me seated upright. A visitor hurried over and helped her get me up to the sand. A gentleman on the beach immediately identified himself as a doctor and came to the lifeguard’s assistance. Within minutes, several members of your various public safety agencies surrounded me. They provided first aid, reassurance and a very thorough assessment of my condition.

I can’t thank your Surf City public safety agencies enough for their response. The lifeguard was competent, kind and very caring. While taking care of me, she was immediately replaced by another lifeguard who continued to monitor the safety of the other beach-goers. I am not sure of all the agencies represented on the beach that day, but to a man and woman, they were among the most competent, calm, efficient and caring people I have encountered. Several people on the beach also offered their assistance.

I am very grateful for what Blanche might call “the kindness of strangers.” But, in fact, the kind people of Surf City seemed more like friends.

Ann Marie Carbin

Stevensville, Mont.

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