Kite Sailing Request

Jul 11, 2018

The following was addressed to Harvey Cedars Mayor Jonathan Oldham.

Dear Mayor Oldham:

Some of the immediate residents of Block 1 Lot 1 (James Street) and members of the kite sailing community requested I write this letter to you to emphasize the importance of the property to the residents, their guests, tourists and the kite sailing community.

I have a unique perspective in that I am a prior resident of Harvey Cedars and now reside in North Beach very close to the property in question. The peninsula and surrounding water is used by me and others for kayaking, bird watching, paddling, hiking, mooring water craft, walking dogs, viewing sunsets and kite sailing, to mention a few activities. This lot and the adjacent lot owned by Long Beach Township offer environmental solace in a congested, land-restricted community.

As a kite sailor, I know the launch areas on the Island. Block 1 Lot 1 is unique by virtue of its position and access to kiting in all wind directions except east and northeast. Safe kiting requires space to safely launch and land the kite without bystanders nearby. Kiters from off the Island, New York, Pennsylvania and other parts of New Jersey also frequent the site. However, recently I’ve noticed a drop in utilization because some are spooked by the restricted access to the property.

I request you and the commissioners to keep this in consideration when planning for the future of Block 1 Lot 1. The local residential and kite sailing community stand with you and offer our support in anyway you deem helpful.

Thank you and the commissioners for your hard work in continuing your efforts to maintain open space and public access.

Frederick L. Ballet

North Beach


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