Lack of Concern

Sep 14, 2016

To the Editor:

On the evening of Friday, Sept. 2, I was at the Beach Haven public boat ramp, pulling out my boat before the arrival of Hermine. As you might expect, the ramp was busy, as was the parking lot for Bay Village and Fantasy Island.

While I was waiting for the ramp to clear so that I could pull out my boat, I saw two police officers on bicycles approach a Jeep and trailer, which were parked off to the side of the ramp in the area adjacent to the handicapped parking. The Jeep and trailer were not blocking traffic, nor were they blocking the handicapped parking.

The officers proceeded to write a ticket for illegal parking. As they were writing it, the wife of the owner approached them and said her husband was helping someone at the ramp, not 50 yards away, and that she could not move the Jeep with the trailer, but she would walk over and get her husband. The officer writing the ticket said it was too late. He also told her it was not a big deal as it was only $40.

I think with the impending storm and the heavy traffic on the ramp and in the parking lot, it would have been prudent of these officers to ride over to the ramp and ask if the vehicle belonged to anyone at the ramp prior to issuing a ticket. Furthermore, it might have been of service to all concerned to assist with directing traffic near the ramp in light of the heavy “tourist” traffic for Fantasy Island and Bay Village.

There is always talk of ticket quotas, etc. with police departments. The actions of these officers certainly seemed to fit in with that profile, rather than them actually taking interest in what was going on around them at the time.

We all know it is difficult to deal with the summer crowd on LBI, but to ticket someone in this instance without first checking at the ramp showed a lack of concern for the people they are working for.

Carl Winter


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Posted by: Jean D Ragone | Sep 15, 2016 06:56

If the Jeep and trailer were unattended and parked illegally then they should get a ticket. As the author said both the parking lots and ramp area were very busy. Especially given that people were trying to move their boats because of the possibility of Hermine, I would think it was even more important to keep that area open. While it was nice of the Jeep's owner to help someone else with their boat, I don't understand why the wife could not have remained with the vehicle.

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