‘Last of the Boomers’ Headlining Comedy Show Benefiting Fire Co.

Surflight Will Present Opera the Next Evening
Nov 07, 2018

Jimmy Carroll will headline “Comedy Tonight,” a benefit for the Beach Haven Volunteer Fire Company at Surflight Theatre at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 16.

Tickets are $20 and may be purchased online at surflight.org, by phone at 609-492-9477, at the box office or at the door.

Carroll bills himself as “The Last of the Boomers.” That’s a little bit of a stretch considering he was born in 1962 and it is generally considered the Baby Boom ran from 1945 through 1964. But there is no evidence that another comedian has staked out that claim and considering Carroll’s act, which compares the present day to his childhood, is so hilarious it seems likely he will retain that title until his dying day.

Technological changes are the root of much of Carroll’s humor. He loves to talk about how the world has changed due to computers and how different things such as TVs and cars are today when compared to his childhood.

“I’m looking at a car right now that costs more than the house that I grew up in. And it’s not that nice of a car … Wasn’t that nice of a house, but it’s not that nice of a car. I miss cars that were made of metal. Remember bumpers, bumpers were good. You could stroll one into a telephone pole at 40 miles an hour, follow the car giggling, going ‘look what you did to the pole.’ We had cars that had guts, we had cars you couldn’t even turn off. You all had one of those cars, right? Get to where you’re going, turn it off, cough, cough, cough, cough cough cough cough. The passengers are going, ‘Are we getting out?’ ‘I don’t know, the car’s not done yet. We’re gonna to have to drive around for a while.

“I grew up outside of Philadelphia with three brothers. Once a year we’d make the trip to Pittsburgh where all my relatives lived. Five hours, five hours across the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and I had to ride the hump in the backseat the whole way. Yeah, that’s right, I was Hump Boy. But I shouldn’t complain because my younger brother had to lay in the sundeck in the back. We didn’t need seat belts because we had dad’s arm, that’s all you needed. Five hours, five hours across the Pennsylvania Turnpike, with two chain-smoking parents that didn’t want to crack a window because we might catch a cold.”

Carroll was attracted to art, drawing and painting, as a child. His cartoons are a regular feature in the Bucks County Free Press to this day, which figures considering he was especially attracted to MAD magazine in his younger days. But when he heard Bill Cosby records (he is quick to mention he isn’t fond of Cosby’s later actions) he realized Cosby was doing the same work of the MAD artists only with the spoken word. When he was 10 his dad took him to a Cosby performance and the young Jimmy knew he wanted to be a stand-up comedian.

“Then when I was a 17-year-old,” he told this reporter, “‘Class Clown’ by George Carlin came out. I said to myself, “This is rock ’n’ roll!”

Whether you’re a baby boomer yourself, looking forward to reliving your youth, or a millennial wanting to hear improbable tales about the pre-computer days when dinosaurs roamed the earth, Carroll’s performance at Surflight will sure give you something to laugh about.

There will be a dramatic change in tone at Surflight the next evening, Saturday, Nov. 17. That’s because the Center Stage Opera, a nonprofit company based in Harrisburg, Pa., that includes singers from all over the East Coast, will perform Rossini’s 1816 classic “The Barber of Seville.”

Tickets for the evening of opera, which will begin at 7:30 p.m., are $29.50 and may be purchased online at surflight.org, by phone at 609-492-9477, at the box office or at the door.

— Rick Mellerup


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