Last Trip to LBI

Aug 08, 2018

To All LBI:

When I was a young age, I was introduced to your Island. I loved it from day one, and it never wavered. Last week, I made what I believe is my last trip to my favorite place.

I send this note because I know of no other way to say thank you. Thank you to all of the shopkeepers, to my favorite real estate lady, to your waiters and waitresses at your restaurants, and my special friend on 19th Street. I must also thank the great lady at the candy store who knows of no other way to be except kind.

I never left the Island not being renewed and enriched, stress free, and with a new vision of life.

There is an atmosphere on LBI that I have never found anywhere else. You people have a certain grace, you are kind and caring – even in the off-season. You are unique!

Hopefully for the generations that follow, it will remain the same.

George F. Edwards

Harleysville, Pa.

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