LBI Beach Crew’s Goal to ‘Make Your Vacation Easier’

Aug 01, 2018
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LBI Beach Crew is two enterprising high school best friends who set up their own summer business of food deliveries and other services on the Island’s south end, northward to parts of Ship Bottom.

“Delivering local eats to your beach chair or home,” Jake Panza and Dylan Acanfora’s ad introduces, as it invites to both renters and locals, “We’re in the store while you enjoy the shore.”

They’ve got a crisp-looking website that delivers a promising message: “Our goal is to make your vacation easier by offering a variety of different services. As a brand new business, our main concern is making sure everything we do runs quickly and efficiently. To ensure that we will be working our absolute hardest, if any problems arise while we are working for you, then a full refund will be in order.”

A house in Holgate is the summer home while the 17- and 18-year-olds set out to be their own bosses. They started their business after using Uber Eats up north for sandwiches, then noticed they could not find an Uber Eats service on the Island, they said.

“We thought it would be a great idea if we could deliver food to the beach and homes,” explained Panza, age 18, of Watchung, “and while thinking about that, we said we can’t just have one service, but a bunch of different ones; expand out the range of expertise.”

Besides doing the shopping from the grocery store, the guys are delivering food from restaurants. They’ll set up or pick up beach chairs and all the cumbersome gear; they wash customers’ cars, and do other jobs as needed.

“Spending my summers on LBI, I would always hear people talk on the beach about what would make their experience down here much more pleasurable. After listening for years, my best friend and I started to take quick initiative and bring the people what they want,” Acanfora summed up.

There was another push to get going in business: Acanfora’s mother told him he had to get a summer job. The Westfield native tells it in a funny way: “At age 17 I now started my own business, but when I was 13 I bought a pair of limited Jordans and wore them to school – those are really hard to get. I saw an eye-opening opportunity in the specialty sale business, selling them for a profit. This summer at the shore, my mom told me I had to get a job down here. ‘I don’t care how well your sneakers are doing.’”

Panza’s summers were previously based in Waretown. He got his first job three summers ago at a restaurant.

“It taught me the ins and outs of how restaurants flow, and ever since then I’ve wanted to work with food,” he said. “Moving to LBI last summer was the greatest decision of my life. I got a job at a bike shop, which taught more about business and how to communicate with others in a professional manner. With these two jobs under my belt I thought I could do something bigger for the upcoming summer.”

The two are interested in becoming doctors someday. For now, they have started a chapter in a business career.

“We started it for this summer, and it has been slowly starting to pick up. We’re getting a lot of recognition and a lot of interest,” Acanfora said. Knowing that the business has a lot of potential, they even devoted money to advertising, in addition to getting it out there on social media. If they get really busy, they’re prepared to hire help.

They’ll go until Labor Day and then go back for senior year at their high schools.

“We do plan to bring this back next summer,” said Panza.

To place an order, call or text Panza at 908-377-7963 or Acanfora at 908-421-5851.

The website is

— Maria Scandale

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