LBI Conch Horn Blowing Awaits Guinness World Record

Oct 03, 2017
Courtesy of: Cheryl Kirby

During the Sea Glass and Art Festival in 2012, Things A-Drift/Echoes of LBI in Ship Bottom was the site of a new Guinness World Record: most conch horns blown at once, 258. But owner Cheryl Kirby’s record did not last very long, as a group in the Bahamas topped the record with 295. This took place on July 9, 2014, as part of the Bahamian independence anniversary celebration.

She tried to bring the record back to LBI in 2015, but a nor’easter wiped out all the special events for Chowderfest Weekend. Inclement weather returned last year, too – not enough to cancel the event, but enough to result in a lower turnout and an insufficient number of people to participate in the attempt.

But on Sept. 30, Kirby said the record was unofficially broken in Ship Bottom with 327 persons all blowing conch horns simultaneously.

“Until certified by Guinness, it’s unofficial,” said Kirby. “Recapturing our title is very exciting. Our success was through a group effort. Thank you to all our participants, of whom many traveled hours to be here; our hardworking volunteers; and the wonderful musicians that provided quick conch blowing lessons.”

Kirby said she will get the official word from Guinness within 45 to 60 days.

“We’re now in the process of verifying the record with the Guinness publishers, which is a very detailed process,” she said. “It requires two lawyers, six auditors, two videographers and two still photographs. We needed to have the proper credentials and the verification that the people who signed up to attempt the record were actually there. It takes a lot of paperwork to produce the evidence, but if we are officially recognized as the new world record holder, it will be worth it.”

—Eric Englund


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