LBI Loves a Parade

Jul 12, 2017
Courtesy of: Patty Kelly Lady Liberty leads the July 4 parade on 105th Street in Beach Haven Park.

To the Editor:

In this time of uncertainty in our world, one thing stays true to itself: The Fourth of July never fails to bring us all together. Weary and wary are many in our current political status. However, we can be assured that on LBI the patriotism still continues to shines through. No matter what side of the fence you are on, Independence Day seems to bring us all together to celebrate the wonderful U.S. of A. 

True to form, a 4th of July parade took place again this year on 105th Street in Beach Haven Park. Rain or shine, the parade has never missed a 4th in quite some time. Many come to watch and enjoy the festivities, whether they live on the street or several blocks away. It seemed especially crowded this year, which made me wonder if the intuitiveness of everyone was something that brought them the need for a sense of community and friendship.  

Whatever the reason, everyone had a wonderful time cheering on those who decorated their bikes, wagons, dogs or themselves to prance, dance and strut down the street. Lady Liberty took her place in the back of a red convertible, waving to the crowd as she passed by. Others waved American flags and held the banner that identified the parade as the “longest running parade on LBI.” Patriotic pop-up “shellabration” gardens showed up on some front lawns.

So even though this wish may be a little late, happy Independence Day to all who are near and far, especially those who are out there continuing to battle for our ongoing freedom here in the U.S. We greatly appreciate the sacrifices made by all and pray for peace.

Patty Kelly

Blue Bell, Pa., and Beach Haven Park

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