LBI Pines at Risk

Jun 06, 2018

To the Editor:

Recently I was on the north end of the Island and saw several stands of dead pines, which had been there since last fall. Over the past five years, beetles and a fungus are attacking many pines, of all types, in South Jersey, killing them. Spraying is not really effective, and the best way to stop the spread of the beetles is to cut and promptly remove infected trees.

Not removing the dead trees is unsightly, especially in front of a million-dollar house, and greatly increases the risk to the other pines on the Island.

While I don’t know about the other governments on LBI, Long Beach Township has an ordinance that allows it to enforce the removal of “dead and dying trees.” I am disappointed that the township is apparently not enforcing this regulation, as it puts the thousands of pines on LBI at increased risk of sudden death.

Yes, you can buy a replacement tree in a month, but you can’t make it grow 20 feet tall in less than 20 years! My trees and many others being placed at risk are over 40 years old.

Ronald J. Marr

Long Beach Township

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