LBI Postal Worker Saves the Day, Again

Mar 28, 2018

Mail carrier Tom Logue says he’s been in the “right place at the right time” when rescuing individuals in two separate incidents on Long Beach Island over the past few years. But Postmaster Therese Bogle sees it a bit differently: “He goes above and beyond. Besides being a good carrier, he is a really good person.”

Late last month, while delivering mail in Loveladies – part of a route he’s had for 31 years – Logue felt something was off at a home of an older man who typically always checked his mailbox. “His mail was still there after two days,” said Logue, and, in addition, “his car was there, and all the lights were on in the house, and for 1:30 in the afternoon on a sunny day, that’s unusual.”

Logue decided to walk around the house and look through the windows. In one of the rooms, he said, “I could see him lying there.” He immediately called 911, and Long Beach Township and Harvey Cedars police “came in no time.”

The man, who Logue said is a fit 86 years old, had suffered a stroke; he’d been unconscious, but breathing, for two or three days. Local EMS took him to the Southern Ocean Medical Center, in Manahawkin.

Not long after, Logue stopped by the hospital just to inquire about the man’s recovery. “The staff said, ‘Oh, you’re the mailman!’” Logue noted, and they allowed him a quick visit with the man, who Logue said is OK but still recuperating.

At the post office in Long Beach Township, where Logue was sorting mail last Friday morning, fellow mail carrier Mike Fontanes pulled out a copy of a note from the niece of the Loveladies resident, thanking Logue for saving his life.

Also at the office is an article from a past SandPaper,detailing how, on Father’s Day six years ago, Logue rescued an 8-year-old boy caught in a rip current in Beach Haven Terrace. Logue was on the beach with his family, wading in the shallow water, when he saw the boy was in distress.

“The waves were really rough that day,” he remarked. “I could see he needed help. I swam out there, and I got him.”

After they’d made it safely to shore, the boy’s father embraced Logue.

As the SandPaper story, from October 2012, explains, following the rescue, wherever Logue went, “he was stopped by people who wanted to thank him for his courageous endeavor. He said he even had to call for backup on his mail route because he was constantly being pulled over by locals and tourists who wanted to congratulate him.”

He got letters in the mail, shook hundreds of hands, took dozens of pictures and even gave out autographs. “I didn’t buy lunch for two weeks,” he states in the article.

And, for his heroic efforts on the beach that day, Logue received the National Association of Letter Carriers’ National Hero of the Year Award in Washington, D.C. He was also interviewed by USA Today, The Philadelphia Inquirer and TIME Magazine, and was featured as the Person of the Week on ABC World News.

Logue blushed a bit speaking about his local – and beyond – recognition, but as Fontanes noted, “In our lifetimes, we might get a chance to save one person. He saved two.”

Juliet Kaszas-Hoch

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