LBI Public Information Program: Buy Insurance Before It Floods

Jul 11, 2018

The Long Beach Island Multi-Jurisdictional Program for Public Information, in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, urges residents to be proactive in purchasing flood insurance, stating, “Resilience is the backbone of emergency management and insurance is an important part of disaster recovery.”

“FEMA has made closing the insurance gap a part of its strategic priorities, since insurance prepares people financially to recover quicker and more fully after a disaster,” the program adds. “Flood insurance, even if it is not required, should be considered since most homeowners’ and renters’ insurance policies typically do not cover flood.”

Flooding is the most common and costly natural disaster in the country. Last year, Hurricane Harvey dropped 19 trillion gallons of rainfall to the state of Texas, resulting in flooding that caused more than $125 billion in damage.

“However, there doesn’t need to be a large amount of rain for it to flood and cause serious damage,” the program states. “Just one inch of water in a home can cost more than $25,000 in damage.”

In addition to buying a flood insurance policy – which  typically takes 30 days to go into effect – residents can prepare for storms by assembling a go-bag with emergency disaster supplies like flashlights, batteries, cash, first aid supplies, medications and copies of critical documents; establishing an evacuation route; and making a family communications plan. Visit for more information.

Those without an agent can visit or call 1-800-427-4661 to learn more about flood insurance and to find an agent in the area.

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