Let’s Work Together

Sep 14, 2016

The following responds to a letter from Mike Almasy (“So Much Baggage,” 8/31).

To Mr. Almasy:

1) I do not understand the relationship between building a higher wall around the White House, the 10-foot wall around Hillary Clinton’s private residence and Trump’s proposed wall along the Mexican border. There are many residents on LBI, especially on the north end, with walls. I don’t get it.

2) Mr. Almasy speaks of “potential” drug dealers and terrorists crossing the borders. I, too, have a fear of terrorists. But I’m more afraid of the 142 neo-Nazi, 119 racist skinhead, 72 Ku Klux Klan, 115 white nationalist and 19 Christian identity groups. These folks don’t have to cross a border or get past a wall; they’re already here.

3) I also believe Black Lives Matter. Yes, there were demonstrations. There have been many types of demonstrations in the history of our country (this is one of the reasons I believe it’s great). Unions have demonstrated; women have demonstrated for the vote; Native Americans, Irish, Italians, students at Kent State and other colleges have demonstrated. The list goes on. And at times there was violence, with which I disagree.

4) Mr. Almasy says 80 percent of the people believe the country is going in the wrong direction. Maybe that’s true. I certainly feel that way when our country nominates a candidate who ridicules the disabled, mocks the ability of a judge because of his ancestry, encourages violence, proposes a ban on visitors entering the U.S. because of their religion, has refused to pay contractors who have satisfactorily completed work for him, has run a “university” that has reportedly scammed thousands, who has been charged with housing discrimination, who has employed “guest workers” at his casinos because he couldn’t find Americans to do the work, who has told coal miners that they will get their old jobs back. Enough! I have more, but I am getting tired of this list.

5) Mr. Almasy wonders why some Americans feel they can’t elect a businessman. I have nothing against electing a businessman. Our country has had presidents who were generals, educators, tailors, lawyers and a peanut farmer. Mr. Trump’s choice of career is not the problem.

I taught fifth grade, middle school and high school for over 30 years. Mr. Trump’s actions remind me so much of my middle school boys (and I loved them). They were impulsive. Many had ADD and had a very difficult time focusing. They often fought learning because they were sure they knew everything. Most did not understand that our country is not the world, but one part of it, and they often blamed others (friends, enemies, the teacher, the coach, their parents, etc.) for their mistakes.

My students grew up and I see them working hard, raising families. They grew up and understand that they are not the center of the universe and that we must all work together, with respect, if our country is to remain great.

Mr. Almasy, I agree with you about term limits and benefit plans. See if you can get that passed through our Republican Congress. And I am confused, also.

Cynthia Inman Graham



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