Let’s Not Forget

Oct 17, 2018

To the Editor:

Congratulations to those who both participated in and won this year’s LBI 18-Mile Commemorative Run! I was one of many who watched and cheered as these athletes ran down the Boulevard on Oct. 7.

I am writing, though, about the article in the Oct. 10 issue about the race results (“Bigos Gives Encore by Capturing First in LBI 18 Mile Run”). The article, written by David Biggy, refers to the title of the race, but it fails to mention two very important facts. First, this commemorative race honors the 11 Olympic athletes and coaches from Israel who were murdered in 1972 during the Olympic games in Munich and also those whose lives were lost in the terrorist attacks on 9/11 in 2001. Secondly, this event is jointly sponsored by the St. Francis Community Center and the Jewish Community Center of Long Beach Island. 

Let’s celebrate all the great things that happen on our Island, but let’s not forget, when appropriate, who is the support behind the events and why they are happening.

Paula Hait

Long Beach Township


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