Life Is Precious

Jun 06, 2018

To the Editor:

Children are our future. Where is our future going? Our children are under attack. How can we keep them safe in school will be discussed in conversations everywhere. Social media, the world of entertainment, and changing morals and values all come into play. Yet, the major focus of talk will be gun control. How do we accomplish this and still protect the rights of responsible citizens under the law?

As a mother, grandmother, teacher and concerned citizen, I pray for these precious people. I love my family and I love my country. I watched as thousands of students left their classrooms and marched in the streets to bring attention to the senseless deaths that happened recently in Florida.

I would like to see children walk out in sympathy with the thousands of deaths happening monthly in our abortion clinics. These defenseless innocents are butchered and taken from their mother’s wombs in the name of freedom of choice. Why is there no outcry at this holocaust?

How precious is the life of a child? Is it more precious when it is school age? Should not a defenseless infant growing within its mother’s womb be given our respect for its life as well? Respect for life is losing the battle for the souls of our youth.

This issue is far more demanding of our attention. What are our children learning in regards to respect, compassion and responsibility? Who is presenting these most important lessons of living? The school, the parent, grandparent, a nanny, the childcare program?

Our government officials put on serious faces when tragic events happen. Isn’t it evident that our society is ill at its core and we need deep healing, which can only come from God. We have lost our bearings, but our Lord will help those who reach out for wisdom and courage to do the things necessary to change their path.

Life is precious and must be respected. When a baby is not safe in his mother’s womb, why is one shocked when a child is not safe in his school?

J.R. Stott

Barnegat Light


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