Life Lessons: Letter to My Younger Self

By JIM DOHERTY | Apr 25, 2018

This a letter to my young self:

Jim, you have to be very respectful to your teachers, who are nuns and priests. Try to understand that there is a procedure in your church that will help you do things.

You will move from Trenton to the suburbs in Hamilton. Jim, you must always honor your parents. Your mother is strong and a college graduate, one of the first women to graduate from Rider College. Your dad has a serious drinking problem, which will affect you. Please stay close to him and help when you can.

Jim, be mindful of the fact that both your parents worked hard for the house you live in and the food on your table. Always watch what Mom and Dad do to see how you may do some of those things to help them.

You will play a lot of baseball outside in back lots because your goal is to become a head varsity baseball and basketball coach. Your love for sports will be a great guide for you in life.

Please understand sportsmanship and your respect for your opponent. Be the first to reach out your hand to help an opponent get to his feet.

Your father will become a brilliant businessman even though he only had an eighth-grade education. His drinking will hurt him, so stand by and help him. Your mother will be very close to you. Honor her by helping her with whatever she does.

Jim, you will go on to be a good baseball player at Rider University. Pay attention to your coaches and understand what is meant by transition hitting. It will make a difference.

You will marry. Be sure to meet your future wife’s parents prior to being engaged. Check them out to see how they live because your future wife will be just like this later on.

Your brother is not only your brother, but your best friend. He has musical talent, so please help him.

You will eventually go into business. Make sure it’s worth leaving the teaching field because you will end up teaching at the school that you attended as a little kid.

You will marry again later in life to a beautiful woman who is also very talented and smart. Follow the rules of life and allow your wife to reach her potential and always support her in every way.

The good Lord will enter your soul while you are helping your wife during her serious illness. Is this an angel or God? It really will be a great feeling. Please don’t forget this experience.

Your journey in life will be filled with ups and downs. Don’t ever be too down or ever get too high on life. Please stay in the middle.

Jim Doherty lives in Waretown, N.J.

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