Little Egg Harbor Committeeman David Schlick Affirms That He Lives in the Township

Nov 15, 2017

Little Egg Harbor Committeeman David Schlick says there is no truth to the rumor that he is not a resident of the township he represents.

During the Nov. 9 Township committee meeting, local business owner Stephen DeSimone said Schlick lived in neighboring Tuckerton and called for Schlick’s resignation. Township Attorney Jean Cipriani said the township committee had no authority to take action on residency matters; that if the charge was true, it would be a question for the state.

In an email on Monday, Schlick said there is no truth to the accusation. “I live on Cable Road (in the township) till I finish a foreclosure house I own on Bear Hollow (also in the township). I work out of the house in Tuckerton. Yes, I am retired, but I work as an outside vendor for a collection agency.

“None of these questions are new to me; it seems people are always trying to take people down,” he added.

During the regular committee meeting, Schlick ignored the suggestion and focused instead on asking the committee to draft a resolution opposing the legalization of marijuana in New Jersey. Governor-elect Phil Murphy came out in favor of legalization during his campaign for the tax revenue it could generate.

According to Schlick, research in Colorado found that there is no way to calibrate how much marijuana in a person’s system causes a person to be impaired while driving.

“And because the federal law is in effect, it is illegal to purchase it. Colorado has hit a host of issues; they can’t take a credit card and the banks won’t take the money, so they are sitting on piles of cash,” said Schlick. “It’s not a cure-all.”

Mayor Ray Gormley agreed and said the town should be proactive in case the governor pushes through legislation legalizing marihuana. “Some towns have adopted an ordinance that will not allow dispensaries. If it moves forward in the state level, we need a resolution against it. If it passes, we don’t want it in Little Egg Harbor Township.”

Schlick said Lacey Township has passed such a resolution.

The committee took no action on this suggestion.

The committee did pass the “No Knock” ordinance that allows residents to sign up at the township clerk’s office if they want to be placed on a list that prohibits salespeople or real estate solicitors to come to their door. The residents on the list get a sticker to put on their door. Salespeople or solicitors must avoid houses that have registered or face a fine and/or jail time.

The committee’s decision to authorize the chief of police to interview for two replacement police officer positions brought some questions from Schlick. He asked if the committee would still have the right to hire the chosen candidates; Cipriani said yes. “This is just an extra step to allow for background checks to be done before hiring,” she said.

The township also hired Erica Bonfiglio as a special law enforcement officer Class II for the rate of $15 an hour.

Arawak Paving won the bid to make improvements and pave Pinecrest and Seminole drives for $414,700.

In a related matter, Arawak has finished work on Oak Lane and is reducing its contract to $217,319. It has also finished paving Otis Bog Road for  $307,266. All road projects are under the NJDOT Municipal Aid Road Program.

Township Engineer Jason Worth said the township was notified it has received the Community Development Block Grant for 2017 in the amount of $32,000. The money will go toward the cost of repairs to the community center on West Calabreeze Way. Worth said the decking under the roof was worse then originally thought, but the roof should be completed by the week’s end. The company would then start on the roof for the justice complex and town hall. The roof was completed in 2014, but the nails used were inferior and shortened the roof’s lifespan, causing issues on both sides of the building, said Worth. Unfortunately, the building is past the 10-year warranty, he said.

Worth has also spoken with residents of Lexington Drive in the Mystic Shores development and will talk to public works to do some grading on their easement to the retention pond.

The township will not have a second meeting in November because of the Thanksgiving holiday and will have only one meeting next month, on Dec. 12 at 7 p.m.

— Pat Johnson 




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