Little Egg Harbor Mayor Gene Kobryn Runs for Committee as Democrat

Sep 14, 2016
Little Egg Harbor Mayor Gene Kobryn

Little Egg Harbor Township Mayor Gene Kobryn has jumped the fence from Republican to Democrat for the upcoming committee election –or more accurately, he was pushed.

In February the Little Egg Harbor Republican Club ousted Kobryn from its membership for some unnamed infractions to the bylaws and instead chose Bobbi Jo Crea, a former committeewoman and mayor of Little Egg. Committeeman Ray Gormley is the president of the Republican Club.

The Great Bay Democratic Club announced Kobryn’s candidacy on Monday in a press release.

“In 2015, the voters of Little Egg Harbor put into action their desire for a change by electing two Democrats to the then all Republican Township Committee. Despite this vote, some of those remaining on the committee did not hear the dissatisfaction of their constituents with the status quo in Little Egg, but Mr. Kobryn did hear the voices of the voters loud and clear and immediately sprang into action.

“In January of 2016 Mr. Kobryn, as Mayor and at the time a Republican, was met with resistance from the old regime when he launched his support of a bipartisan local government by bravely appointing a Democrat (Dave Schlick) as his Deputy Mayor.

“He then fearlessly proceeded to implement greater and greater transparency into the workings of the municipality…  the good ... the bad, and the sometimes ugly. Mr. Kobryn truly heard then honored the wishes of the voting public in Little Egg Harbor.

“When elected, Mr. Kobryn vows to utilize his many years of experience to promote a township environment of transparency, bipartisan leadership, fiscal responsibility, and focus on what binds us as a community rather than what divides us.”

Peter Ferwerda serves as Kobryn’s campaign manager —P.J.

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