Little Egg Harbor Township Adopts $3.3 Million Bond Ordinance

Sep 21, 2016

Although much of Little Egg Harbor Township’s Sept. 8 municipal meeting was centered on matters concerning a cell phone expense incurred by Chief of Police Richard Buzby and signed off by Business Administrator and CFO Garrett Loesch and the finding of no fault on the part of the two men, the committee did vote on a $3.32 million bond ordinance for capital improvements in various departments.

Ordinance 2016-05 appropriates $3,495,000 for improvements and issues $3,320,000 in bonds or notes, with $174,750 coming from budgeted capital improvements.

The ordinance provided for $1,550,000 for the police and construction departments to share in cost of equipment including computer software, computer equipment and technology upgrades to the telecommunications for the PD, police radio system, police mobile data terminals for vehicles, police cameras, radar units for vehicles and their installation.

Lt. Mike Hart thanked the committee in advance of the voting, saying without the upgrades, the police department was not able to efficiently communicate with their superiors or other officers for backup without first going through dispatch, and that was causing time delays and danger to the officers.

The ordinance also appropriates $490,000 for a side arm garbage truck with snowplow accessories and six police vehicles; an estimated $80,000 for repairs to the department of public works garage and replacement of a security system for the DPW; $100,000 for a dump truck with snow plow accessories, asphalt pavement roller and a scissors lift; $690,000 for paving Oak Lane, Otis Bog and various other roads; $270,000 for township-wide drainage projects including Great Bay Boulevard and Hudson Drive; and $315,000 for bulkhead improvements to South Boom Way, Hatteras Court, Chesapeake Court and Nantucket Court.

Other matters resolved by the township included thanking Al Visconti for his service on the zoning board of adjustment as he retires.

The police report for August was given by Lt. Troy Bezak: The department received 1,832 calls for service including 48 car accidents, 116 first aid, nine fires, 39 domestic disputes and six burglaries. There were 18 narcotics arrests and two deployments of the anti-opiate drug Narcan for overdoses. The Narcan deployment number was a significant decrease, said Bezak.

He also reminded the public now that school is back in session to be extra careful while driving. —P.J. 



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