Lives Matter

Mar 28, 2018

To the Editor:

March 24, 2018 is now a part of history and a day that will change the functional ability of democracy to provide for the people’s health and safety. Almost 50 years ago, gun violence terminated the life of Martin Luther King. A few years later gun violence arrived to have a place in the daily lifestyle of Americans.

In 2015, neighbors and other members of our society were killed in 372 mass shootings. In 2016, opiods have caused 42,249 drug overdoses that terminated lives. All of these lives matter.

In 2013, I, as a candidate for public office, called for the licensing of gun owners and their guns. The NRA opposed this. It still does.

Support a redefining of the rights of the people and their lives and the right to live. This requires a further defining of the Second Amendment to reflect “We the People’s” right of having a democratic process that provides people with their health, safety and dignity.

Peter Ferwerda

Warren Grove


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