Long Beach Township Emphasizes: Beach Badges Required at Wooden Jetty, Beach One in Holgate

Jul 04, 2018
Photo by: Jack Reynolds

A police officer is now on duty on the Wooden Jetty and Beach One ocean beaches in Holgate following disputes between beachgoers and badge checkers in this southernmost section of Long Beach Township.

Conversation on the Holgate Update Facebook page on June 29 included residents questioning why they need badges here, when previously they did not, and wondering if swimming and surfing are prohibited off those beaches, as they said they’d been told.

One Facebook poster was irritated that he was stopped and asked for a badge on his way to surf there; he does have a badge but doesn’t bring it surfing, he wrote.

On Monday, township Mayor Joseph Mancini said the beaches in that section of the municipality are eroded even more now than prior to the replenishment conducted in the spring. A lifeguard is on duty just north of Wooden Jetty on a day-by-day basis, based on the size of the beach.

Swimming, he added, is allowed north of Wooden Jetty, but not to the south. “We don’t want people swimming south of Wooden Jetty; it’s unsafe,” the mayor noted.

Surfers, though, are permitted south of the terminal groin.

Regardless, Mancini stated, anyone that heads to the beach there – to sit, swim or surf – needs to have a township beach badge, as the area is municipal property, and a lifeguard is stationed when the beach width allows.

The township decided the police officer was necessary to keep the peace after adult beachgoers yelled at young badge checkers.

Mancini said the municipality’s project to redesign the terminal groin will help stave off erosion in that area. He hopes the permit for the project is granted this fall or winter.

“All our beaches look fabulous,” said the mayor, “except for those in Holgate.” —J.K.-H.

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